It is time to renew your registration with the College of Dental Technicians of BC. Renewal fees for your 2019-2020 registration are:

           Registered Dental Technician


           Non-Practicing Dental Technician


           Dental Technician Assistant


           Dental Technician Student

No fee

To renew online, login using your email address and password.  Note: you will be required to answer one of your three security questions before proceeding.  Once logged in, click “Renew Registration” and follow the instructions within the Registrant Self-service system.

It is mandatory that any information provided to the College be current and registrants are encouraged to review all pages carefully.


Payments can be made online with Visa or MasterCard.

If your employer is paying or if you want to pay by cheque, please click on the appropriate link. Please note that payment must be received by the College before February 28, 2019 to avoid incurring a late penalty fee.

Your registration certificate and receipt will be available online once your renewal and payment has been processed.


If you are unable to use the College’s online renewal process or have not received your notice by email, you can download and print the applicable 2019/2020 Renewal Application Form and the Renewal Notice using the following links:

            RDT Renewal Application Form

            Assistant Renewal Application Form

            Student Renewal Application Form

            Non-Practicing RDT Renewal Form

            Renewal Notice

Contact the College office at 604-742-6561 if you have any difficulty downloading these forms, or if you wish to have the forms faxed to you.



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