In accordance with the Health Professions Act, all BC health professions must establish a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Government has further specified that an acceptable program will include an assessment component.

The College of Dental Technicians of BC meets this HPA requirement through two components:

  1. Jurisprudence Exam – an exam taken as a registration requirement covering the HPA, Dental Technicians Regulation and CDTBC Bylaws.
  2. Continuing Education – Registered Dental Technicians are required to continue their learning throughout their career by accumulating a number of education credits for each three-year cycle.
  3. Self-Assessment Questionnaire - Registered Dental Technicians will be randomly selected to complete a questionnaire that is designed to identify way to improve their professional practice.

Registrants who do not comply with the College's Quality Assurance program will not be allowed to renew their licences.