On December 7, 1995 dental technology became a designated health profession under the Health Professions Act (HPA).

The Health Professions Act is the omnibus legislation that:

  • authorizes the establishment of health professions
  • defines and sets out the responsibilities and conduct of the Health Professions Council
  • addresses process for designation of a health profession
  • allows for establishment of colleges
  • describes mandate /structure of a college / and authority to make bylaws
  • addresses authority to inspect / inquire and discipline
  • addresses health profession corporations

Dental technology is regulated by the College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia in accordance with the HPA, the Dental Technicians Regulation and the College Bylaws.

The Government of BC is responsible for providing the most current copy of the Health Professions Act. A copy of the current Act is available for purchase through Crown Publications at 250-386-4636 or by electronic mail at