The College's mandate is to ensure that the public is receiving competently fabricated dental appliances in a professional and ethical manner.

When a written complaint is received, the Registrar will confirm receipt and deliver it to the Inquiry Committee.

First Step


See the Inquiry Process document in PDF format (36K).

The Inquiry Committee will conduct a preliminary investigation into the matter and will contact the registrant, provide him or her with a copy of the complaint, and ask for comments on the matters you have raised. If after considering all the information, the Committee decides that the complaint has substance, it has several ways it can proceed. The Committee may, for example, request that the Registrant agree to a reprimand and/or to certain conditions and terms set out in a formal agreement called a Consent Order. Most complaints are resolved by the Inquiry Committee.

Second Step


In the event that a Registrant does not agree to the terms suggested by the Inquiry Committee, or if the Inquiry Committee decides that the matter should proceed to a formal hearing by the Discipline Committee, the Registrar will issue a Citation to initiate a formal Hearing . A Hearing may involve legal counsel, witnesses, a court reporter, and the taking of sworn evidence. At the conclusion of a Hearing the Discipline Committee has the authority to impose a fine, or place terms and conditions on a Registrant's practice. It may also suspend a Registrant, or cancel the registration of the Registrant.


If at any point, in the course of review of your complaint you are not satisfied with the process, or the conclusions arrived at by either the Inquiry or Discipline Committees you have specific review and/or appeal options. For further information on the process please call the Registrar, and /or refer to the Health Profession Act, [sections 26-40] and the Dental Technician Bylaws [sections 44- 48]


The College's authority is limited to that provided in its legislation. A regulatory college does not have the authority to require a Registrant to provide compensation for any harm or financial loss that is alleged to have occurred. Nor does the College have the authority to require any organization that employs a Registrant to discipline the Registrant.

You should seek legal advice if you are claiming compensation against a Registrant.

For further information please refer to our Inquiry Process Brochure (PDF 36K) or contact the Registrar at .