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Board Elections 2019

by Ronald Revell, RDT, posted on March 1, 2019

The election for the vacant RDT position on the College Board is now open, and the voting website is active. Only Registered Dental Technicians and Non-practicing Dental Technicians are eligible to vote in this year's election.

Voting Procedures

To access a ballot, registrants must login to their College account using the link (Registrant Login) at the top of our website first, and then click the button marked "Board Elections" on the "Welcome" screen. This will open the Simply Voting website and grant access to the ballot. The election will be open, and ballots will be available until 5:00 pm on March 29, 2019.

All votes must be cast online during this period to be counted.

The voting process is simple, quick, anonymous, and secure. Once you have submitted your ballot, you should receive a confirmation email from Simply Voting that your vote has been registered. All votes will be verified and the results will be automatically tabulated at the close of the election period.

NOTE:  Only a Dental Technician or a Non-practicing Dental Technician may vote for the Dental Technician position.


The College has received 2 nominations for the single Dental Technician position.

The nominees for the RDT position are:

                       Hooman Janami, RDT
                        David Bird, RDT

Further information about each of the nominees can be found here.