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BC's COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

by Ronald Revell, RDT, posted on March 19, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccination program is being led by the provincial government and is being managed by individual regional Provincial Health Authorities. The College will be supporting the rollout of the provincial immunization plan by providing information to registrants if, or when the health authorities request our assistance in distributing their communications.

We are aware that recently, several of the Health Authorities have begun to reach out to the health Colleges asking them to email their registrants with messages on their behalf, regarding opportunities for health professionals to register for a vaccination. At this time, these requests are specific to targeted professions working in various health authority regions. The professions and vaccination locations are being determined on a priority basis by the PHO, based on the Province's COVID-19 Immunization Plan.

So far, the College of Dental Technicians has received one request to distribute a message to our registrants from the Northern Health Authority. As more Health Authorities reach out to our College, we will post the messages here and email registrants directly to share that information as quickly as possible.

See the following links for messages from the Health Authorities:


For further general information, please see the following links:

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If you have further questions on this, please contact your local Health Authority directly as they will be the best source of information regarding vaccination availability in your area.