January 15, 2020 OFFICE CLOSED TODAY - January 16, 2020
The College office will be closed today (January 16, 2020) for the safety of staff due to the uncertainty of the winter weather and unsafe travel. We thank you for your understanding.
January 13, 2020 "Forgot Password" Link Functionality Restored
The "Forgot Password" function on the Registrant Login page is working again as of Friday January 10. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
December 19, 2019 Health Minister announces proposed changes to modernize provincial health regulatory framework
On November 27, 2019, the Ministry of Health announced a bold proposal for modernizing BC's health regulatory framework. For full information about this proposal, visit the government’s website.
December 19, 2019 Call for Nominations
Registrants are hereby given notice that the terms for three of the elected Board Members will expire on May 1, 2020. The term of office for an elected Member is three years with the new term beginning...
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