FAQs for Registrants > 3. Why am I required to pay registration fees to the college?

3. Why am I required to pay registration fees to the college?

posted on June 8, 2015

The College of Dental Technicians of BC is mandated with regulating the profession of dental technology and administering the Health Professions Act in the public interest. As is the case for all self-regulated professions, the cost of the regulation is borne by the registrants of their particular college. This is part of what is expected in order to have both the privilege and the responsibility of being a "self-regulated profession". The fees assessed to registrants must cover the costs of operating the College on an annual basis.

Over the last several years, the College has been able to limit any increase in fees to an incremental amount equal to the annual cost of living increases as provided by Statistics Canada. During that same time period however, the cost of operating the College has increased by a somewhat larger amount. The College Board does everything possible to ensure that it fulfills all of its obligations under the HPA in the most cost efficient manner.

Any further increases to registration fees that the Board determines are necessary will be based on the need to meet those obligations.