The Board is comprised of six elected professional members and three publicly appointed members.
The Board meets at least four times per year, usually on Saturdays from 9:00am until 3:00pm. 

Observers are welcome at board meetings. Please advise the Registrar at least 10 days before a scheduled meeting of your intention to attend.  Additional information is available in our brochure, "Observers at Board Meetings".

The current Board Meeting Schedule can be viewed in the Calendar of Events.

Professional Members

  • Angus Barrie, RDT, Chair
    Frank Lando, RDT, Vice-Chair
    Laurie Costello, Assistant
    Hooman Janami, RDT
    Anil Kumar, RDT
    Avi Tutelman, RDT

Public Members

  • Dr. Michael Curry, LLB, JD, MD, CCFP
    Patricia Dooley
    Dr. Robert F. Whiteley