Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire is designed as a tool for you to use to help you determine if you are providing a standard of care that meets or exceeds the College’s minimum requirements.  You should use the results of the self-assessment to identify areas where you can focus your continuing education planning.  An additional benefit of completing an honest self-assessment may be that it will have a positive impact on your business and/or practice.

Once you have finished the questionnaire, please deliver it to the College office either by mail at #900 – 200 Granville Street, Vancouver BC  V6C 1S4, email: or fax:  604-899-0794.  

The Quality Assurance Committee will review your questionnaire and may provide you with feedback based on your responses in the assessment to complete the audit process. 

Participation by all RDT’s is required in CDTBC’s Quality Assurance Program. CDTBC is mandated by the Ministry of Health to establish a QA Program that “promotes high standards of practice”. To ensure that British Columbians are receiving the highest quality of care, it is important that those professionals providing healthcare reflect on their knowledge and practice to identify areas of growth and learn about advancements that may be made in their field of practice.

To access the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, please click here.