The Ministry of Health and the College of Dental Technicians have determined that, in the interests of protecting the public, all persons providing services of a dental technician must be registered with CDTBC and comply with the supervision and ratio requirements set out in the Bylaws (Section 42).

In carrying out this duty, the College will from time to time inspect laboratories. The authority for doing so is provided in the HPA, Part 3 (28)(1) which states “During regular business hours, an inspector may investigate, inquire into, inspect, observe or examine one or more of the following without a court order:

  • the premises
  • the records
  • the practice.”

The Registrar is an inspector of the College and the Inquiry Committee has the authority to appoint other persons as inspectors.

When an inspector visits a dental laboratory, s/he will make note of the following:

  • the status of the current employee listing for the laboratory;
  • that registration licenses are prominently displayed, or available upon request;
  • that all persons working in the laboratory are registered with the College;
  • that all work in progress is generated by a prescription and that all prescriptions are maintained in the place of business for the period specified in the Bylaws;
  • that pursuant to the Bylaws there is a system in place to supervise and inspect services performed by students and assistant;
  • that there is a system in place to deal with infection control.

Additional information can be found in the College’s Inspections brochure.

If you have any questions about the inspection process, the reports or the actual inspection as it occurs, please call the College office or write to the Inquiry Committee via the College office.